Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feeling like a Run Away

Okay, So I don't actually feel like a run away...rather, I feel like running away. But, "Feeling like Running Away" didn't float off my mind as smoothly as the actual title I chose.  So, "Honey, we are where we are" - Lorelai Gilmore.
I feel as though I'm slowly crawling out of whatever haze I've found myself in, inch by inch.  Not to be some kind of depressing dress-in-black-because-no-one-understands-me-and-not-because-it's-slimming kind of person, but I just haven't felt myself lately (as stated in my last post).  I think I'm just ready for something different. Something new, something exciting. It's like everywhere I turn, there's something that turns me away.  I want to start my life, but it still scares me to think I'll be leaving here soon.  The comfort blanket of my town is still comfortable, but it's starting to suffocate now.  Not to be dramatic or anything :)
I find myself thinking about chances.  Taking chances, weighing chances, waiting for chances, holding onto chances and never letting go.  Looking up the definition of "chances" on, I found, "The unknown and unpredictable element in happenings; an opportunity".
This is what I need more of in my life.  I need to take, seize, look for, find, and embrace the chances in my life.  I need to hold onto the people I want in my life, and let go of those who have done what they needed to do, but can do no more.  I also need to start and finish those thank you notes for my graduation party, but that's on an unrelated note.

We only have so many years to do the things we want to do, to say the things we want to say, and to be with the people we need in our lives.  It's time I stop waiting for whatever moment I think is out there, and take a chance - make my own moment.  It could be the best decision I've ever made.  Or it could be the worst.  That's the beauty of risk taking - you'll never know until you go out and find it yourself.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm Back - Didya Miss Me?

I've been sitting at my computer for the past 5 minutes trying to find the words that would capture and sum up my entire trip to Mexico.  Alas, I have not found these words.  I'm a firm believer in the lifestyle choice of  "Actions Speak Louder Than Words"  However, in my quest to share my journey with you, I have to share my story by showing rather than telling.  Here are some pictures that won't give you an "inside look", won't show you what it was really like, won't help you understand how this trip made me feel, and will never capture what I'm really trying to say - but at least I won't have to try and explain myself this way. Enjoy :)

Chilling in a Mexican Hammock.  Oh, the life.
So cute! creepy?
Crowded and colorful.  I wanted a flamingo so very badly.
My favorite towel animal - Miss Monkey :)
My dance family after recieving a Standing O for our cruise performance :)
Some Mexican goods for American turistas to peruse.
Last Night on the ship
In Mobile, Alabama, walking the streets.
Friendlies and I off to enjoy some Mexican fun!
My first taste of the ocean :)
Sheer Beauty

Since getting back, I haven't felt the same.  I feel like something inside of me has changed, but I honestly can't put a finger on it and it's annoying me to no end.  It's like I'm in a haze and can't find my way out.  The last night of the cruise was by far the craziest night and I guess it made me realize that I have a whole new world of experiences waiting for me beyond the realm of my small town.  Now the question remains, am I feeling monotonous because I'm ready to leave - or is there something I'm missing that I feel needs to be back in my life? 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

All Aboard!

Just one of the beautiful beaches of Cozumel.
It's finally here! It's time to head to Mexico aboard the cruise ship, Elation :) This is gonna be good.
Yesterday was a day full of travel as my family, friend, and I headed to an airport to...well...get on a plane.  Our first flight was delayed quite awhile and when we finally got on, we were so afraid we weren't going to make our connecting flight to Memphis.  Once we got on, though, some of that "fear" was erased as I looked out the window and saw the world.  You don't truly know how small we really are until you fly.  The world looked like a miniature farmland, you can see the sections of land divided, and you feel so very big compared to the rest of the world.  Then you look again and see the tops of the clouds.  The beautiful clouds that seem so close but so far away on earth seem like just a reach away on a plane.
We got off our first flight with less than 10 minutes to spare and jump on our connecting flight to Mobile, Alabama.  Rushing on the plane, I was ready for round two of take off.
Now, we're in Mobile and in less than an hour and a half we will be boarding the ship that will take us to Mexico.  I have a feeling this cruise is going to be a memorable one to say the least.  I'm so ready for some sun and fun!  AND what's even better, you ask? Oh, just the fact that I get to become reacquainted with my best friend, Mr. Ocean :) It's been way too long.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Layout - New Me? Probably Not.

I am so proud of myself for learning a new trick on this thing! I know a lot of people who are far more technologically advanced than I already know the ins and outs of every blogsite out there, but this is a start for me.


I leave for Mexico in less than 24 hours now.  I'm a fine mixture of nervous and excited all at the same time.  I mean I know I will only be in Mexico for a day, but still there is something unnerving about traveling.  And here I always say I want to "travel the world!" How cliche can I get? :)
In the spirit of leaving for Mexico, I decided to eat the rest of my leftover Chipotle chips and salsa (the salsa of which I had to go through great measures to enjoy...I won't get into the details and you won't judge me) so I think I'm in the right mindset now!
To get even more in the spirit of Mexico, I found this Margarita Cupcake recipe in The Big Book of Cupcakes that my aunt gave me as a graduation present.  And I state:
  • Makes: 24 cupcakes
  • Prep Time: 45 minutes 
  • Start to Finish: 1 hour and 45 minutes
You will need
  1. 3 /4 cup crushed pretzels
  2. 2 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted
  3. 1 tablespoon sugar
  4. 2 teaspoons grated lime peel
  5. 1 1/4 cups nonalcoholic margarita mix (keep it safe, kids!)
  6. 2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
  7. 3 teaspoons baking powder
  8. 1/2 teaspoons salt
  9. 3/4 cup shortening or butter
  10. 1 2/3 cups sugar
  11. 5 egg whites
  12. 2 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
  13. 1 1/4 cups milk
  14. lime based frosting 
Phew! Now that we're done with that...lessss go!
Heat oven to 350 degrees and place baking cups in the pan
In a medium bowl, mix flour, baking powder and salt - set it aside
In a large bowl, beat shortening with an electric mixer on medium speed for 30 seconds
Add sugar
Add egg whites
Add vanilla
Add lime peel
Alternately add the flour mixture and margarita mix - mixing until well blended - set aside
 In a small bowl, mix 3/4 cup crushed pretzels with the butter and sugar
Spoon the mixture into each muffin cup

Divide the batter evenly among the muffin cups - fill about 2/3's full
Bake 18 to 20 minutes and cool


Frost the cupcakes! 
(sprinkle tops with crushed pretzels for effect)
straw is optional ;)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Rain, Rain...Go Away. Seriously.

At first I thought this picture was of geese sticking their heads out of water. It's not.
This picture reminds me of Harry Potter something fierce. Cannot wait for Part 2!
Rain, rain, go away. I'm a hater and I want to play.  (Okay, bad play on a song).
And here I thought it was June! Apparently it's April.  It's raining so much today and all I wanted to do was swim.  Well, that's okay. I guess I will just use this constant flow of water from the sky as an excuse to buy some rain boots - with whales on them, please!
Looking up rain-inspired pictures online makes me want to take my own.  One of my friendlies is coming over soon and I think I may kidnap her, make her put on a pretty dress, and take her around the countryside for a photo shoot. She wouldn't mind, right? I know I wouldn't.
Gosh, this gloomy weather makes me want to move to London so very badly!  Not that London is perpetually gloomy all the time, but that does seem to be a stereotype in all of the London based movies.  Unless Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen did one in London, then it would be nothing but rainbows, smiles, unicorns, and "cute" English boys.  Oh, the 90's.
In less than 48 hours I will be on my way to the southern states to board a boat that will take me to Mexico.  I guess I can't complain about the absence of sun in my life too much, now can I? 

Life is too short to be anything but happy.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I Wanna Soak Up The Sun!

Sweet Summertime! How I have truly missed thee.  I'm so glad we are finally becoming friends again.  We had a boringly rough start, but now I'm ready to embrace you.  
I'm so glad the sun is finally coming out.  It's been strangely cold for the past few nights and afternoons here and no me gusta.  But today is 84, sunny, bright, and anything can happen :) Well, I mean anything that can happen in this somewhat uneventful town can happen. 
This weather makes me want to jump on the first plane, train, bike, or random truck I can find and hitch a ride to the beach. ANY beach. Mmmmm.
But for now, I will pretend I'm on a beach while I swim in my friend's pond.  I mean, they are both bodies of water.  

Summertime - never leave me :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm Just So Perfectly Perfect - Except When I'm Not

This is going to be a quick post as I have a drum lesson in less than a half hour and it takes roughly fifteen minutes to get there.  Yeah, I said drum lesson.  A friend of mine plays the drums and thought it would be a good idea to give drum lessons to underprivileged children (or just any children) this summer. Great idea! He also thought it would be a good idea to have me be the "guinea pig" to see if they actually work. Not as good an idea. I was "eh okay" at the clarinet and not that dedicated to the guitar, so those drums....yeah, probably not going to be much different. But we'll give it a shot.

A crazy thought just went across my mind.  It's already the middle of June and I haven't really done anything mind blowingly awesome that I can look back and think, "Dang, that was one amazing summer. Nothing will top that." So now that is my new mission.  I'm determined to make the rest of this summer as amazingly mind blowing as I can.

 Peace out, girl scout.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Got My Hair Did! AndOtherFunThings...

Hey Bloggy! 
So, today I got my hair done, as you can tell from the title.  I like it. It's the first time that I've gotten it all dyed and I have to say - it probably won't be the last.  
Once I got home from the stylist woman I was suddenly stricken with the urge to take photos of myself.  No, I'm not THAT vain. I don't think this song is about me.   I took my Holga and my digital out for a little spin...added in a date with Picnik...and voila! New pictures for Facebook.  I know what you're thinking, she's aweso...lame. Yeah, I thought that too. 
So - let's get up to speed with my life, shall we?
I went to Prom, that was fun.
I was in a pageant and won, also fun.
Effects of said pageant were me "featured" in a parade - I love people watching so being on a float was the perfect vantage point to majorly stare...although I had to look classy and wave while I did it.
I decided on a college, good for me.
I am trying to find a job, fo real.
I went to Chipotle yesterday,
To sum it all up...

Laughing, Making Memories, and Trying to Soak Up Every.Last.Bit. of Summer I Can :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So, my summer has officially begun, and...I'M BORED. I haven't even graduated yet, and already I'm so bored! And in reality, I know I won't be bored alllllllll summer, but for right now...I am...SO BORED. This is probably the reason why I am writing a new post. I'm so used to having almost every moment filled with something, anything, that occupies my time that this is just a very new adjustment.  And futhermore, now that it's official - I'm no longer welcome back to high school - I have a feeling that without my normal high school summer activities, these posts may come more often than they have been. Which is not a bad thing, as I really have been neglecting you, Bloggy.  I named my blog Bloggy...isn't that cute?
Soooooo what to do, what to do.....what to do....whaaa-aaattt to do? I'm annoying myself just writing this.  And it doesn't really help that a lot of things are costly, and I don't have a job asofnow.  (That's something I'm working on).  So it's not like I really want to drop the big bucks going to the mall (which is 45 minutes away) and, oh yeah, spend money on gas for the trip there and back. 

My life be like..."oh".

So, if there is a summer god like all of the little kid shows have told me there is over the years (I'm making that up) then please, please give me some sort of sign that tells me what I should do tonight.