Friday, July 22, 2011

Pajama jeans vs. Jeggings: battle of the spandex-denim blend

                Watch out jeggings!  There’s a new kid on the block, and I’m not talking about the once popular boy band of the 80’s.  Pajama Jeans have taken American society by storm with their appealing combination of both the look of denim jeans and the comfort of pajama bottoms. 
                Pajama Jeans, founded in 2010 by Pajama Jean Inc., introduced themselves to Americans everywhere with an unintentionally comical commercial and fun slogan, “So comfortable, you’ll want to sleep in them!” which only got me thinking about all of the half-witted ideas America has come up with to make life easier for the common man, or woman, in this case.  With ideas like Cat Toilet Training Kit, Sham Wow, and Head On - “apply directly to the forehead”, it’s no wonder the makers of Pajama Jeans believed their product would have local retailers fighting off soccer moms and comfort lovers alike.  But has this new product instilled American pride, or are the undefeated new fashion champions, jeggings, still reigning over consumers?
                If you were to look in any halfway decent mall or high school, you would undeniably find at least one person sporting the newest defender in the fashion world: jeggings.  For those who are not aware of what exactly jeggings are, simply pull the word apart and there you have it.  Jeggings are just your everyday combination of jeans and leggings which give off the impression that the girl from homeroom is wearing denim, but really she’s just trying to hide her underwear lines because her jeggings are too tight.  Now, it may seem like I’m ripping apart poor, defenseless jeggings, which would be almost impossible to do with the spandex-denim blend, but I am in fact an owner of at least one pair of these modern day miracles of science and I have to say they really aren’t that bad. 
                Now, it may seem that as an owner of jeggings I would be biased to their stretchy ways, but that is entirely untrue.  While jeggings can give a person the feeling of flexibility and style, Pajama Jeans claim to offer more than just the peace of mind that no one knows what you’re really wearing.  In the now infamous Pajama Jean infomercial, the makers of the new pant state their product is “perfect for travel, exercise, shopping, and more!” and as an added bonus you can receive a free grey crew neck t-shirt to wear with your new purchase.  I don’t see the makers of jeggings throwing free gifts at their consumers or promising them they’ll want to crawl into bed with their jeggings and never come out.
                But when it comes right down to it, would you be caught in something that not only boasts multiple uses but also high fashion, or would you metaphorically die from embarrassment once word got out that you’re sporting Pajama Jeans?  When it comes to stylish comfort, you have to weigh your pros and cons, or you could simply throw on some sweatpants and get essentially the same effect.  Which will you decide?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"I got a Nikon Camera and I love to Take a Photograph"

Actually these pictures were taken with a Cannon, but that's besides the point :)

One of my dearest friendlies takes a photography project for her 4-H group every year.
"4-H is a positive youth development organization 
that empowers young people to reach their full potential. A vast community of more than 6 million youth and adults working together for positive change, 4-H enables America’s youth to emerge as leaders through hands-on learning, research-based 4-H youth programs and adult mentorship, in order to give back to their local communities." (National 4-H Council 1902-2010).  
This year, she decided to use our mutual friend and myself as her subjects, and we are all loving the results!

I love trees.  For a long time trees were the central features in my doodles at school...mostly because I couldn't draw anything else.  Except pigeons.  But people give you dirty looks when there are pigeons all over your homework.
A wise woman once said, "Jumping pictures signify a happy person"...or something along those lines.
There is something about chipped white paint that speaks to me.  
I still don't know what kind of weed or plant we are surrounded by, but they glowed and it was magical.  
We found this strange but awesome looking building in the back of a small farm.  It was overrun by plants and I still have no idea what anyone would use a place like this for even if it was functioning.  But, was an awesome place to take pictures.  
I love this one! She told us to laugh at each other - which would normally be  easy for us, but being told to laugh is much harder than one would think!  However, the result was worth it :)
I run past a field filled with these rolled up hay bales when I go on my daily runs, and I've always thought they would be a verycool place to take pictures.  I was right.

C'est Magnifique

Those thistles were so...thistle-y. 
Yeah, we in a field of hay.  
Looking out into the diiiiistance.  <---Lines to a new song I'm working on.  It's gonna be big.

This one was taken at my grandmother's house in front of her barn.  I love the color of the door and think she did a great job editing this picture!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Have you ever...

Have you ever seen a video, picture, or other form of inspiration and been overcome with the want and need to immerse yourself around that image or concept?  I find that in my life that happens a lot.  And it happened again with this video from choreographer Kyle Hanagami.  I just recently found out about this creative genius through another choreographer's post on Facebook.  I fell in love.  This video features Adele's song "Someone Like You", which has been stuck in my head for the past few days now.  The song and video center around a person who has lost a love. The love interest didn't die, but rather moved on while the other half hasn't.  I think that would be the worst kind of lost love.  When you're frozen in a moment you can't get past, but the one other person you want to be with the most has proven they can get along just fine without you. I want to learn the dance taught at the end so badly because I truly do think this piece can speak to most everyone in some way.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summertime, and the Living is Easy

Yeah, yeah. I know this title is a line from one of the most quoted songs during this season on Facebook and probably Twitter, although I'm not a "Tweeter" so I wouldn't know if that is actually true or I'm just assuming. Ya'll know what assuming means, now don't ya? My friend was trying to show me how Twitter works, and I just could not get it.  I mean, I couldn't get the point. No offense to any Twitter addicts, but it just seemed so very...pointless. But, then again, I'm on Facebook every to each his or her own.
My friends and I decided we would go on a little adventure today.  Since it is summertime, the time to make dreams come true.  Well, no dreams actually came true today.
However, we did pay $4.00 to get into a festival that was pretty near dead and completely not worth it, then we made our way to Panera Bread (against one passengers adamant request not to), and lastly found ourselves at the mall.  The trip was cut a little short, but a few of us made it back to mi casa to watch "Dinner for Schmucks" (Spelling ?).
Not sure why I'm relaying all of this useless information to my subconscious...but whatever.
I digress...
In short, Sam Cooke said it best when he spoke the words of, "Summertime, and the living is easy". 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sweet Land of Liberty

Happy 4th! Well, almost 4th.  Time to celebrate all that is great about this country while sporting half-priced American flag tank tops (only found at Old Navy)...kinky.
Today, I went to the "big city" with my mother to waste some time and shop around.  She ended up buying me an, uhm...expensive camera because of my budding interest in photography.  This made me realize, my mother would do LITERALLY anything to make my dreams become a reality.  She is truly awesome, no matter how many times she drives me up.a.wall.  But in all honesty, it's a wonderful thing to have someone in your life who would go out on a limb just so you can follow a dream...a feeling...a passing thought?  Even though it's the fourth of July and not Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for her.
Now, that I'm a big girl (in age not width...although at the rate I'm downing Oreos these days, maybe that too) I've been looking up computers for school this coming fall.  I talked to a cute salesguy at Best Buy today, and although I had already been looking at the Macbook Pro, he laughed at my corny jokes and that almost sealed the deal.  Just kidding, I'm not THAT weak.  Gosh.  But I just don't know if Apple is really all that more special than other brands.  I know a lot of people swear by the half-eaten apple, but I'm just not sure.  It would have the photo and video capabilities I'm looking for, but for that price? Eh, perhaps.
On an unrelated note, I got a letter from a friend of mine who is pursuing a career in the Air Force.  It was a brief note, just enough info to make sure I knew the address to write back.  But in it he told me he got the position of dorm chief (which is the highest rank someone in his position can get). I'm really proud of this guy.  He's had this dream for so long, and now he's going after it.  And he's not only going after it, he's being recognized as someone they trust and respect enough to be in charge of 40+ guys for 6 months.  He told me to follow my dreams, and he's definitely leading by example.  I cannot wait to see where his life takes him, because I know it will be amazing.
Side Note: As I'm typing this, my high school musical from this year (on DVD) is playing in the background...and I have to say this - OFF KEY, GUYS.
Mr. Eagle says, "Have a safe Independence Day, everyone."  Look at his face.  Serious.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Well Maybe There's a God Above, But All I Ever Learned From Love...

One of my absolute favorite, if not favorite, songs of my lifetime is "Hallelujah" by Brandi Carlile.  I know a lot of artists have covered this song in their own way, and that it was originally a song created by Leonard Cohen, but there is something about the soulful and almost pleading way that Brandi sings this song that gets me literally every.time.  She has so much emotion to back up the lyrics that I feel as though I'm looking in on something very personal to her as she shares words on love and religion.  There is so much that can be decoded in this song, one of its greatest attributes.  The word "Hallelujah" in Hebrew translates to, "Praise God".  But when I listen to the song, I don't hear or feel a praise song.  I feel someone who is questioning, always questioning.  This is someone who has been broken. Their love, which was once hopeful, has now become stale with misuse.  
Doing some research on the song meaning, I found that in almost every verse, there is some reference to a notorious woman in the Bible.  
  • "She tied you to her kitchen chair, she broke your throne and she cut your hair" - Delilah, who cut off Sampson's locks that held his superhuman strength.
  • "You saw her bathing on the roof, her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you" - Bathsheba, who tempted the king to kill her husband so he could have her.
  • "But remember when I moved in you and the holy dove was moving too" - This could be a reference to the divine conception and Mary.

This song is one that has gotten me through my toughest times. It's been there to help me celebrate, to help me heal, to help me feel, and to help me grow.  Although, I know it sounds far fetched to some that one song could do all of that.  

"And every breath we drew was hallelujah"