Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This is My Winter Song to You

Wowzers! It's been a thuper long time since I've posted last! I blame homework, exams, and Chipotle Burrito Bowls for this.
But they are so delicious...
*Ahem* Right. Well, back to the post.
Today, as a break from studying for my finals (cause, c'mon...let's be realistic...I'm not actually going to study until around 3:30 anyway) I went to the mall this morning to do some Christmas shopping.  And to my surprise, I got it all done! I'm pretty impressed with myself and I got some good stuff that I think my gift recipients will enjoy :)

I know I probably shouldn't do this, but I'm going to show off a few of the gifts I got today! 
But of course, I won't be disclosing the recipients, that would be cheating them out of their given Surprise Rights.

Here goes:

Bon Bons for doggies! I made sure Moochie and Co was the first store I hit up once I got to the mall.  I gotta provide for my little man, Mac :)

I got a beautiful headband that I couldn't pass up.  
Perfectly sparkly to match the snow :)
Lush products are so amazing and smell so yummy! I got some of their Jilted Elf Shower Jelly for a special someone.  

Philosophy is always a great gift for anyone who loves to smell good (and I hope that's EVERYONE) 

I got a pretty bicycle necklace.  Too cute.

A random gift for a random person.  This pig popper can pop a foam ball over 20 feet, depending on how hard you squeeze him.  It looks fun! I mean, look at how much fun that guy is having!

You can't go through winter without some warm socks.  And these socks from H&M will definitely do the trick :)

Happy shopping, everyone!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Not Done Yet

In the leftover spirit of Halloween, I created my own zombie movie.  It was originally for a vlog channel that my friends and I have to keep in touch with each other while we're away, but I thought I'd share it on here too :)
Unfortunately, the "Free Advertisement" part's audio is a tad off. Bear with me.

Lovely front photo, right? haha
-Happy Almost Veterans Day :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Nail...Different Color?

I know it has been awhile since my last post, but I've recently heard about the celeb nail trend that's made it's way around town.  For lack of a better name, it's called the "One Nail is a Different Color Than the Rest" trend.  
I've been looking it up online and I guess it's the #1 fall nail trend.  I mean, Beyonce is rocking this fad...that's just B-rilliant.  This different way to paint your nails is pretty...unique-ish to say the least (or to say the most, depending if you're a glass half full or half empty kind of person).  If B-Town is giving this trend a try, maybe you should too. 
I digress.

I personally am quite fond of the light blue with gold :)

It seems to be a popular belief that painting your ring finger a different color is somewhat like wearing jewelry, or at least accenting existing jewelry.

Some like it, some don't.  All-in-all it will probably just go down in the book with all of the other trends of yesteryear.  Remember jelly shoes? Yeesh.

It's something to try if you're into nail art, but I give props to those who go out and swim against the current.  Why not make your own nail statement!? Or go protest something? Or go skydiving??
Okay, the last one wasn't really about making a statement...it's just something I really want to do.

Have a great Thursday, errbody :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cardigan Weather [Menfolk Edition]

It's no secret that a classic cardigan sweater is both stylish and simplistically sexy when a woman is wearing it, but what if a guy shrugged on this wardrobe staple when getting dressed in the morning?
Would it have the same effect or just have lost meaning among the crowd...

A guy decked out in a cardigan can say so much about him within the first fleeting moments of a first impression.
Things such as:

"I'm put together without trying that hard. I enjoy the finer things in life, such as literature and long walks on the beach."


"I'm not afraid to be who I am. I'm not here to impress anyone."


"LOL WAT? OMG! Txt u l8r I g2g."
...or maybe something along those lines.

I'm a firm believer that you should do, wear, say, and be around the things and people who make you happiest in life. I personally think a cardigan on a guy is fresh ta death.  It's not something you always see and that's refreshing. You've only got this one life to live...so you might as well wear a cardigan :)

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Spicy Apple Cider

It's that time of year again.  
The time to get cozy in your blankets, savor the crunch of leaves beneath your shoes, and make some hot apple cider.
There's no way a person could not fall in love with fall.

Here is a recipe you should test try this season for Spicy Apple Cider. 
Yum :)

What you'll need:
  1. 1/4 cup packed brown sugar
  2. 1/2 teaspoon whole allspice
  3. 1 teaspoon whole cloves
  4. 1 cinnamon stick
  5. 1/4 teaspoon salt
  6. 1 pinch ground nutmeg
  7. 1 large orange - quarter it and keep the peel
  8. 2 quarts apple cider
  9. Coffee maker
What you'll do:
  • Place a coffee filter in the coffee basket and fill it with brown sugar, allspice, cloves, the cinnamon stick, salt, nutmeg, and orange wedges.  
  • Pour the apple cider into the coffee pot where you would normally put water.
  • Brew that sucka.
 -Enjoy :)

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Photo Friday

It's Friday, Friday...Gotta Get Down On Friday.
Yay, Second rendition of "Photo Friday" :)
Here are pictures of the things that make me happiest this week.

First, I'd like to give a big shout out to my homebro, October! I am so so so happy you are finally coming to greet us tomorrow!  I've been waiting patiently, but now I'm ready to crunch some leaves.

I'm loving the Navajo print...pretty much everything...that's been in stores lately.  Who knew something so random works so well?

Awh, puppy!  This little wiener dog is so cute in his little hot dog bun. It makes me miss my little puppy at home.  
Word of advice if you ever decide to do this to your wiener dog - DO NOT eat the bun after. You're welcome.

I'm a natural redhead, but I just love this vibrant color so much.  My red isn't as vivacious as this, but to those who do have this color - I applaud your genetics.

Mmmm, Chipotle :) I had a yummy burrito bowl the other day and it just further instilled my die-hard belief in the magic of cilantro rice.

I'm a firm...FIRM believer that Disney is the most MAGICAL place on earth.  I went to Disney over the spring with my high school band/show choir and I accidentally threw away some guy's wallet in the park and when I went back to the trash can to retrieve it, it was nowhere to be found. AHHH. The wunnerful wunnerful workers of Disney not only FOUND the wallet but they also tried to keep me sane through the whole ordeal.  
When you wish upon a star...makes no difference who you are, or how badly you screw up.
Thanks, Disney!

This will mostly likely be my weekend.

I've been eating the chocolate cake in the cafeteria almost every day this week. 
Stop it, Mari.

I love me some dreamcatchers.  This, too, goes along with my Navajo spirit.

Quite a few errors in the lyrics, but we'll just ignore that.
Oh, Adele. How you speak to me...and practically everyone else in the world.  Love ya, Del Del.

Me want to do this.  It looks so fun! Who doesn't love to paint?

I've found my newest calling in life, and it is photography.  I'm just messing around with it now, but someday I'm going to be a m a z i n g.

Hooray for Friday!
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Monday, September 26, 2011

College Shop Guide

I have been a freshman of the collegiate variety for a solid eleven days now, so that means I'm entitled to post my very own 
College Shop Guide
Inside this guide is what I think every college freshman (typically of the female gender) should own as they start a new chapter in their lives.

  • College Apparel - I put this as numero uno because every student needs to show off their spirit every now and then.  Stock up on sweatshirts and sweatpants for the winter lazy days and plenty of t-shirts to cover the rest :)
The picture is fuzzy, but this sweatshirt is representing my school :) Also, it's a Victoria's Secret Pink sweatshirt, so you can support your school in style.  It's like drinking two smoothies with one straw.
  • Rain Boots - A college staple and extremely popular purchase among students for those rainy days.  These boots come in cute patterns and colors so you can walk around campus confident that you're waterproof.

These froggies love water :)
  • Baseball Cap - I've been told that the only girls who wear baseball caps in college are either:
   A) In a sorority
B) In a relationship
          Since I am neither, I've decided to break away from tradition and buy myself one of these sporty staples anyway.  I find that it's useful in all sorts of situations and it's the epitome of "laid-back".

Get your swag on.
  • Ballet Flats - Worn with pretty much anything are an easy and comfortable way to get to class or to just hang out.  

  • Cardigans - One of the greatest inventions of all mankind.  The All-Mighty Cardigan reigns supreme when it comes to a perfect compliment to any outfit - ranging from cute to comfortable to casual...all your C's are covered :)

  • Going OUTfits - College is full of opportunities to, well...go out. The weekends are full of parties and new chances to make a first impression.  So dress the part, but make sure your outfit doesn't fall apart.

  • Fall Jacket - You'll want this one on your side when the weather gets a little more of a kick to it without going into full blown Christmas mode.  

  • A Smile - This is the most important thing you can take with you to college and keep through life.  College is full of new experiences, new people, and a new chapter that's unfolding.  So put your best foot forward and show off those pearly whites :)

    He's ready for college! Are you?
    ----->  :)

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    Sunday, September 25, 2011

    How To: Make a Sock Monkey

    Meet Socks

    He's a 9 1/2 inch bundle of fun.  
    Today, I'm going to explain to you how to make your very own Sock Monkey!

    Things you will need:
    1. Two [CLEAN] socks. Preferably ones with the heels and toes in contrasting colors to the rest of the sock.  Usually, Monkeys are made with Rockford Red Heel Socks.
    2. Scissors
    3. Yarn
    4. Cotton
    5. Sharpie
    6. Patience

    What you'll do:
    1. Turn the socks inside out.
    2. Lay one sock with the heel flat against your work surface.
    3. Mark a line in the center of the sock starting from the toe and extending to the heel.
    4. With the sock nice and flat, cut along the line, then sew up each newly cut sock half leaving a quarter inch between the line and the seam. [This is the Monkey's legs]
    5. Stuff the entire sock with cotton or whatever soft material you desire.
    6. Figure out where you'll put the neck and stitch around the neck using quarter inch stitches.
    7. Round the head area with stuffing.
    8. Stitch the top opening of the sock closed.
    9. Cut the second sock to the pattern found on step 4 - http://tinyurl.com/2e6me7
    10. Attach the tail to your Monkey's bottom.
    11. Attach the arms.
    12. Use leftover heel from a sock to create the mouth and sew to the head.
    13. Sew in button eyes.
    14. Cuddle with your new Sock Monkey.

    Have a  Super Sunday :)

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    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    Word of the Week Wednesday!

    -Word of the Week-
    Archaic (adj): something very, very old.  A smarter sounding word for ancient.
    This word came to my mind not too long ago and I decided it sounded like it should be my new word for Wednesday.  It's a very cool word that can be used in any kind of conversation to make your sentence have a more vintage feel.  Use this word when talking about parents, rules, or even the sandwich you left in your locker for a week.  It's a multi-useful word that not only sounds cool, but can also be considered a little pretentious when used, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

                           It's coming toward the end of Wednesday, so happy Thursday everyone :)

    Sunday, September 18, 2011

    Man, I Love College

    I know what you're thinking, because I'm thinking it too.
    "That title is so cliche!"
    I mean, I tried to come up with something better...I really did.
    But this phrase seemed to capture it all :)
    So far I've been a college freshman for two days. 
    It's a culture shock to my system.
    But I'm loving it :)
    I've met some really cool people and I'm trying to put myself out there to meet more.
    I just have a feeling this is going to be g o o d.
    If not g r e a t.
    Life is an open book at this point in time and I'm just trying to fill in the pages as best I can.

    Man, I love college :)

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    Hitting the Trails

    Trail Mix Review
    Pumpkin Seed Dried Cherry Trail Mix

    I've recently tried out a new trail mix recipe that I found on foodnetwork.com.  I thought it sounded yummy and perfect for fall...I mean, the main ingredient is pumpkin seeds.  But when I tried the recipe for myself, I was less than smitten with the resulting product, BUT I think it's because I added WAY too much salt! If you like what you see try it out for yourself :)

    What you'll need:
    1. 2 cups of baby pumpkin seeds (pepitas)
    2. 1 cup slivered almonds
    3. 3/4 cup raw sunflower seeds
    4. 6 tablespoons pure Grade B maple syrup
    5. Coarse salt
    6. 1 cup dried cherries or cranberries (I used cherry Craisens...best of both worlds)
    What you'll do:
    1. Preheat your oven to 300 degrees and line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper
    2. In a large bowl mix together the pumpkin seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, and maple syrup
    3. Spread one half of the mix evenly on one baking sheet and the second half on the other
    4. Season with salt to taste (This is where I screwed up)
    5. Put the baking sheets in the oven and bake for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally
    6. Cool the mixture completely on the pans, then add the Craisens and toss
    7. Store in an air-tight container at room temperature

    It does have a pretty presentation :)

    Friday, September 9, 2011

    Photo Friday

    Today's post consists of images that I've found on the internet that sum up the things that make me the happiest in my life right now :) 
    It's Photo Friday.

    There is no season as beautiful as autumn.  Fall has it all: crunchy leaves, comfy sweaters, the beginning of boots, hot chocolate, and the start of college for me :)
    It's just WonderFall.

    As mentioned before in the caption above, I'm starting college...that means no more high school for those who can't keep up.  No more high school means no more having to give the assistant principal "rocks" every time I pass him in the hallway. Score.

    Ignore whatever is dangling outta that guy's mouth. This picture represents my new found semi-addiction to MTV.  My Life As Liz, VMA'S, Awkward.? The best.

    I Love Music.  There is nothing better than chilling out and listening to your favorite tunes.  It's a way of expression and feeling.  Sometimes a song can say something far better than you ever could.

    I want to get more into heels.  I could never hack it in heels, but I'm willing to give it another shot as I venture off into "Adultland" these coming years.  

    Self-explanatory in my opinion.

    Quirky guys (This can also be chalked up to People Who Don't Care What Others Think). Go out and do your own thing.  Winning.

    Creativity.  Seeing something out of seemingly nothing.  It's what makes the world go 'round!


    "You never know what you gonna get." - Forrest Gump
    Life is good :) And if life isn't good, you have the power to make it better.

    Happy Friday, Everyone!