Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Nail...Different Color?

I know it has been awhile since my last post, but I've recently heard about the celeb nail trend that's made it's way around town.  For lack of a better name, it's called the "One Nail is a Different Color Than the Rest" trend.  
I've been looking it up online and I guess it's the #1 fall nail trend.  I mean, Beyonce is rocking this fad...that's just B-rilliant.  This different way to paint your nails is pretty...unique-ish to say the least (or to say the most, depending if you're a glass half full or half empty kind of person).  If B-Town is giving this trend a try, maybe you should too. 
I digress.

I personally am quite fond of the light blue with gold :)

It seems to be a popular belief that painting your ring finger a different color is somewhat like wearing jewelry, or at least accenting existing jewelry.

Some like it, some don't.  All-in-all it will probably just go down in the book with all of the other trends of yesteryear.  Remember jelly shoes? Yeesh.

It's something to try if you're into nail art, but I give props to those who go out and swim against the current.  Why not make your own nail statement!? Or go protest something? Or go skydiving??
Okay, the last one wasn't really about making a's just something I really want to do.

Have a great Thursday, errbody :)

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