Friday, February 18, 2011


Wow! It has been a.while. since I have posted.  This is due to my crazy-busy schedule and all of it's fine conflicts.  I can also accredit my absence with the lovely Mr. Flu which I am just now starting to get over.  "Bleck" is right.  I've lost 5 lbs (give or take) out of the whole ordeal, so I'm kinda glad I'm starting to get my appetite back.  Living on crackers and Gatorade isn't nearly as glamorous as the t.v. shows make it out to be.  

So what has been going on in my life, you ask? (Not that you actually asked..."you" being my subconscious.  "You"'re always asking) Well I am proud, proud, PROUD to say that my high school show choir not only received Best Vocals and Best Choreography, but also GRAND CHAMPION at our last show choir competition!!! It was a MAJOR moment for us!! :D  
This weekend I will be going to see Kent Boyd at some theater in Wapak (not totally sure on all the details) and I just know that this will put me in a mental tantrum.  Don't get me wrong, I love watching Kent's like candy for the soul.  But I know it will unleash the crazy intense desire in myself to dance like he does.  I just want to be incredible at my passion. But maybe this time will be different...
My Show Choir in all their Grand Champ glory!

The senior show choir girls!
Since I am stuck home tonight while my friends are out at one of the last home basketball games (sigh) I got on Facebook and decided to creep on someone who recently friended me.  I am not one of those total freaky creeper people who view profiles in a weird way! I just haven't seen this person, much less talked to them, since junior high.  And wow! I mean, wow!! Turns out this person is a photographer (and an amazing one at that!) who has traveled all over the place and has gotten art awards!! I was instantly hit with a jealous inspiration!  This person is my age and has already got life figured out with the click of a camera button.  I recently purchased a Holga camera myself and I'm playing around with it now.  I noticed this person also uses a Holga occasionally (I think I may steal some of their ideas, shh! ;)  

One of my greatest wishes is to inspire people. And when I see others like Kent and my recently added Facebook "friend" doing what I wish so badly to do-it makes me want to jump up, rush out the door, and start taking action!! Too bad I'm in my sweats, it's dark out, and no one wants to be around the sick girl. 


Thursday, February 3, 2011

The sun will come out, tomorrow

Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow...
Blizzard of Oz: Part 3
The Final Chapter 
Everyone, come out of your hiding holes and rejoice! For the Blizzard of Oz has retreated! "Ding Dong, the Blizzard's gone (Which old Blizzard? The wicked Blizzard!) Ding Dong, the wicked Blizzard's gone!"
Tally hoe! ...I'm not entirely sure what "tally hoe" means, but it ran through my mind so I wrote it down.
Ah, the blizzard has passed.  That means school tomorrow? Yeah, probably. But I'm okay with that, because I was theeeees close (this close!) to performing a striking rendition of Jack Nicholson's character (complete with "Heeeere's Johnny!")
...Believe me, no one wants to see that.
So, I busted outta the house today! Unfortunately, it was not on my own terms. I went to a dress shop and selected the dresses I would be wearing to prom (overrated...but that's a wholenother post) and the Peony Pageant (wholenother post).  I like em a whole lot :) 
So I need something to fill my time...this post has been somewhat postless (hah, get it? like pointless, only postless!)

...I needs me a life.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chattering Teeth...Frozen Toes...Red Noses-Only In Ohio (And Most Everywhere Else In America)

Snowmageddon: Part 2
Did anyone say, "cabin fever"?  Looks like there may be a reenactment of The Shining up in hee-urr.  The snow and ice have not only been successful in covering the ground, the trees, the houses, and just about any other surface it can grasp it's icy fingers around, it has also started to cover my soul.  (Remember how I said America is The Nation of Hyperbole?)  Chyeah.
I've been filling my new found (and somewhat unappreciated) "down time" with reruns of My Life as Liz, a few iTunes raids (me need new music), and the start of yet another book.
I look outside my window and all I see is...white.  I.must.get.out.  Must? Nay, I.need.get.out.  This house will be my icy grave if I don't find civilization, fast.  (Too far? Too far)
Welcome to Narnia!
Looking at all of this snow makes me miss The Summer of '09.  That was probably one of the best summer's little 'ole me had ever experienced.  Not only because of the people in it, but also because of The Beach.  It was just me, the open sand, the endless ocean, and my dreams stretched out ahead of me like a blank and promising canvas.  That may sound cliche, and believe is.  I'd give anything to be there again.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

All Hail the WhiteDeath

I don't actually hate snow, hate is such a strong word.  This picture is delightful, though.
Snowpocolypse: Part 1
EVERYONE, TAKE COVER! We are all going to parish under at least 20 feet of snow before Wednesday is over.  Prepare for the world to end. <---This pretty much sums up everyone's thoughts on this WhiteDeath, or Snowpocolypse if you prefer.
I personally believe everyone who is freaking out over this so called blizzard is a goob.  Yeah, it's pretty bad out there-but I promise you WILL go on after the ice has landed.  My mother is acting like we'll have to hunker down like migrating Eskimos during the Ice Age.  She has set out at least 5 flashlights, 2 lighters, and enough blankets to suffocate a Sumo Wrestler in each room.  As of right now, and I know that will change by tomorrow if this storm doesn't let up, I am okay with not having all that much to do.  I'm baking some cookies, I'm getting some blogging in, and I can read a few books while I'm at it.  Life=Alright In My Book. (My book is a hardcover because they are so much more fun than paperbacks :) People in my town, and surrounding towns in Indiana and Ohio are raiding Wal-Mart's left and right.  I think I even saw a snowman crying on the side of the road.  I'd like to take this time to officially declare America as The Nation of Hyperbole.  Just about everything gets exaggerated in some way.  But hey, if your family ends up as some kind of human icicle by tomorrow, feel free to virtually yell at me.