Friday, February 17, 2012

Spring Trend Predictions

 Through magazines and advertisements, I've come to see a trend in the fashions and styles of the new Spring Season. Here are my predictions.

Brightly colored skinny jeans are going to be big for Spring.  Just look in any retail store in your local mall...they're already out there! I got myself a yellow pair :) Which color will you choose?

Cascading braids are a little complicated, but worth it. Braids and little twists are going to keep appearing through Spring.

Colorblock is so cute on dresses, nails, and tops.

Baseball tees are going to become a "thing" again, as they show off your sporty side while still showing off your curves.

Polka dot jeans! A new trend for Spring I can't wait to try!

Kitten heels and floral patterns.  I don't think either ever went out of style, but they're making another appearance this Spring.

Shark tooth necklaces.
Dun na. Dun na. Dun na dun na dun na dun na.

Cat eyes. I've been trying them out since winter break, and I gotta say - they are purrrrfect for Spring.

Tribal patterns. I noticed this trend in the Fall of 2011, and I'm thrilled it's kept in the game for Spring.

Have a great weekend :)

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