Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring is in the Air

Is it just me (or maybe Cincinnati) or has the weather been unusually...spring-like lately?
I'm sure this is due to many different factors involving climate control, El Nino, and other world changing events like that (Global Warming, anyone?).  But this post is not dedicated to science (I'm saving science for my Bill Nye the Science Guy post).  No, this post shall be dedicated to all things spring - even if the groundhog predicts six more weeks of winter. 

Here are the things about spring that make me sing.

I can't have a post about spring without talking about flowers.  Doesn't this picture just bring out your inner desire to romp?

New season, new reason to break out the Nikon.

Nothing says "Spring is here!" quite like waking up to the smell of freshly cut grass.

With spring comes sunlight - and I'm always down for some sunlight :)

The warmer climate brings out the inner dreamer in me. Time to dream new dreams and make them happen.

The quote on this one doesn't exactly match up with this post.  However, I found the movement of the picture refreshing.  Spending time getting lost in the woods is one of the many perks to warmer weather.

One thing that I've missed dearly since "winter" decided to make its way - the song of birds.  Hearing a bird sing at any time of the day is an instant mood lifter.

Bye-bye bare branches, hello blossoms :)

Blow on this flower of a weed and make a wish as the seeds float to the ground.

Spring is a time to sit back and think about your next move in life. But never forget how far you've already gotten.

Have a beautiful false spring :)

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